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Brooke Elise Creations

Catherine Decilos custom bundle

Catherine Decilos custom bundle

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Squirrel and acorn pen 2 focals $12

Spider necklace $14

Boo in boujee necklace $14

Spider sensory necklace $15

Mean guy hand earrings $10

934 keychain x2 $24

Stay at home detective bookmark $12

Christmas music cookie scribe x2 $24

Day you deserve pen $10

SpongeBob sensory necklace $15

Bingo mouse ear bag tag $25

hell was full adult bracelet $15

straight out of night shift badge reel $12

kissy Richard pen $10

Naughty and nice necklace $14

naughty and nice sensory necklace $15

Dug car charm $12

in October we wear pink adult stretchy bracelet x2 $24

Dream catcher infinity pencil $12

Chisme pen $10

lady and the tramp car charm x2 $24

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